zondag 21 augustus 2011

Radeon HD 6990

The HD 6990 has two Cayman-GPU's, each with 1536 stream processors, which are 830MHz default clocked. Each GPU is using a 256bit memory bus, 2GB GDDR5 memory address, which has a clock speed of 5000MHz. The presence of two GPUs, the graphics 375W of energy. To meet them, two PCI-e connectors, each with eight pins are present, each accounting for 150W. The PCI-e slot provides 75W to the other.

For all this to keep cool, a single radial fan in the middle of the video card installed, the cool air from the enclosure on both GPU's blows. Half of the airflow is blown out of the closet, while the other half just in the closet behind. Tests at Anandtech show that the card can be very hot and then too far from quiet, but this was while using Furmark, which causes higher fuel consumption than even the toughest games.